Preparing for an E-Biking Adventure

We sometimes hear of people nervous about taking their electric bike out on trails and tracks. They think that trails are places only for the super-confident and on mountain bikes, but that's just not true. E-bikes mean that many more people can get out and enjoy Aotearoa’s beautiful wilderness trails. With its powerful motor, twin-front suspension, shock absorbers and strong frame, our Adventuri E-bike is designed for tracks and trails. But before you go, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself and your ebike for a longer ride. So here’s some handy tips to think about as you plan your e-biking adventure.

Go for a test ride

If you're quite new to ebiking, it’s a good idea to take your bike on a few test rides to get used to its performance and functions. Also, you will probably want to evaluate how to efficiently use the battery before you set off. So that you know the general distances you can expect to go on one charge and learn how to extend that distance through limiting use on the electric motor when it’s not needed.

Pack only what you need

It’s important to bring everything you need for your trip - but no more than that! You can carry some stuff in a backpack, but it’s more comfortable to keep most things on side-mounted or front-mounted panniers. Panniers keep the weight off your body and lower to the ground - making it easier and more comfortable to ride long distances. It’s important when riding all day to be prepared for whatever weather gets thrown at you. Beyond the essentials, also think about nutritional needs, bike accessories, and repair kits. The better packed you are, the more prepared you will be overall on your trip. However, everything you take, wherever you put it, will all need to be carried by your bike. So make sure to avoid overloading your ebike as you will use energy from your battery and cause more wear and tear on your bike components. Also, riding on tracks and trails can be a bit bumpy so it’s also not wise to carry items that can be easily damaged by shocks or vibrations.

Plan your daily range

Ebiking without an itinerary can be fun, the spontaneity can be both freeing and fulfilling. However, when travelling on trails outside of urban areas, it’s important to know how many kms you can travel in a day and where you have to get to at the end of it. Unless you’re bringing a tent with you, you’ll want to have some accommodation booked and you’ll always need a place to recharge your battery. Without sticking to an itinerary you might miss out on things or worse, you might run out of battery power before getting to your destination. You should always leave in some reserve energy so you can enjoy side-tracks or deal with unexpected detours, but sticking closely to your itinerary will make the trip smoother, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Make sure to have FUN!

E-biking is a form of travel and although enjoying the journey is what it’s all about, make sure to familiarise yourself with things you can see and do along the way. Get an idea of what’s around the trail ahead of time. Have some ideas, but don’t get too attached to them either. The point is, don’t stress. Don’t feel the need to see everything in town, because there’s always the next time. A good plan is one you feel comfortable with. When it comes to the riding part, make sure to have some slack time built in for the unexpected. If you’re staying somewhere overnight, get to your destination early enough in the day to settle in so you have time to relax in the afternoon and evening. One final note, while GPS is indeed a wonderful thing, we recommend having some printed maps of your route just in case. Writing down your route (or printing it out) might just save you later if the technology fails.

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