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Our Story

Old Blue takes its name from the curious and courageous Chatham Islands Black Robin. This little bird with a big personality has inspired us to be brave and adventurous, we want to connect this courageous spirit with our experiences of exploring in the New Zealand wildness and share it with the world. 

At Old Blue, our creations are carefully crafted to inspire a sense of adventure while bringing you comfort along the way. We want our designs to look good and feel fantastic. Our inspiration is to search for the perfect balance between form and function and provide harmony between being yourself and being in nature. The result, our electric bikes and outdoor camping gear allows you to enjoy the great outdoors your way, find your nature and always enjoy the journey.

Old Blue combines innovation with traditional aesthetics. All our products are made with ethical manufacturing practices and packaged using recyclable materials. We are devoted to bringing you the best quality products while having minimal impact on the environment. Check out our page to learn how we are committed to doing our part for the the planet.