Our Story

Old Blue derives its name from a symbol of hope, bravery, and perseverance, the Chatham Island Black Robin. People worldwide love this little bird for what it represents: being challenging and adventurous in the face of great odds. It inspires us to believe that no matter how small we feel, we can all make a big difference in the world. We want to connect this courageous spirit with our experience of exploring the beauty of New Zealand and share it with you all.

Here at Old Blue, we believe in finding what inspires you and then chasing it - whatever it may be. We embrace an adventurous spirit that finds comfort in exploring the world around us. Our range of electric bikes has something for everyone, with various styles and sizes. Our designs are crafted to look good and feel fantastic from the moment you jump on - whether you're pedaling through epic wilderness landscapes or just heading into town. With our Adventuri E-Bikes you can enjoy the great outdoors your way, find your nature, and always enjoy the journey.

We promise our customers to always offer the best prices, fantastic e-bikes and exceptional customer service.