Bike Questions

What comes with my bike?

Our bikes come with all the extras that others will charge you for. Included with our bikes as standard are the front and rear mudguards, rear carrier, twin-LED headlight, strobe light, a bell, upgraded saddle and water bottle holder.

What colours are currently available?

We currently stock bikes in either black or white. Other colours can be ordered on request.

Is there any way this bike could be adjusted to a higher speed?

The motor assistance cut-off speed on our bikes is fully adjustable, as are settings related to throttle power and pedal assistance. We can customise these options for you, just let us know what you’d like.

Is the bike fitted with tyres that will handle trail riding?

Yes, these bikes have 1.95” width tyres. They’re similar dimensions to mountain bike tyres. Bike trails are exactly what we designed these bikes for and lots of our customers enjoy using them for this.

Do you have ebikes in stock and can I view and test ride them?

Yes, we have lots of bikes in stock. And you'd be welcome to come and try them out any time. We’re based in Hobsonville Point, Auckland. Please get in touch via our website to arrange a time.

Is it possible to fit a different type of handle bar to the bike?

Yes, it is completely possible to remove and replace the stock handlebar. Our stock handlebar will be comfortable for most people, but if you require a more upright riding position, please let us know and we can help you with this.

On the size guide chart my height is between those recommended for each frame size, which should I choose?

You could potentially ride either bike. With our frames being a step-through design, riding comfortably and confidently on either size is easy. One important factor is confidence. We find once our customers develop confidence they tend to prefer the slightly larger size bike.

What is the frame size? How tall is the rider in the photos?

The frame size for our 27.5” Adventuri E-Bike is 18" (46cm). The frame size of our 26” model is 17” (43cm). The rider in our photos is 6ft tall and he was very comfortable riding our 27.5” model.

Does this ebike have a throttle?

Yes, the bike has an independent throttle. It can be configured to your preference of semi-active (only works when pedalling) or fully active (works any time the bike is turned on). To learn more about the functions of our Adventuri E-Bike, please refer to our Functions and Features Video.

What is the total weight of the ebike?

Each model of Adventui E-Bike has a slightly different weight. Our Adventuri 26” weighs 21kg, our 27.5” weights 23.5kg and our Adventuri Euro 28” weighs 27kg.

Is it possible to put these e-bikes on standard bike racks?

The short answer is, yes. However, you’ll need to consider a few things. E-Bikes are heavier than standard bikes and so a heavy duty bike rack is advised. Bike racks that allow the ebike to be placed on its wheels on the rack are the best choice. It is possible to put Adventuri E-bikes on standard bike racks, but you will need to use a crossbar adapter. These are available on our store.

What is 1:1 PAS mode?

‘PAS’ stands for ‘Pedal Assistance System’. This is the system that connects your pedalling to the function of the electric motor and can be controlled by the rider. You can control the power output from the motor as you ride by selecting between levels 1 to 5. When we state 1:1 PAS mode that refers to level 1 power output, which is 50 watts of power, which will roughly match the power of a regular bike rider.

Shipping Questions

When posted out do the bikes require some assembly?

The ebike arrives 85% assembled and requires a small amount of assembly. Final assembly normally takes between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your experience. We have an assembly video to instruct you on how to complete the bike and the ebike comes with all the tools required.

What is the cost of shipping please?

There is no cost. We offer free shipping on all purchases through our website.

Battery Questions

Is the battery removable for charging?

Yes, the battery is hidden and protected inside the frame of our ebikes, however they are removable from the bike for charging.

Are additional batteries available and how much do they cost?

Yes, we have additional batteries available. We offer standard 10ah 36v batteries for $300 and an additional capacity 17ah 36v battery for $500.

Does the bike come with a battery charger?

All our E-Bikes come with the appropriate chargers. Additional chargers can also be purchased.

How far can I ride on a fully charged battery?

This is the classic ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question. The range of an ebike depends on both the battery capacity and how and where the bike is ridden. We suggest a range of between 40 - 80km for our 10ah battery. If you’d like to know more about getting the most out of your battery, you can refer to our ebike battery care guide.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The charge time depends on the battery capacity and how depleted the battery is. Our standard 10ah 36v battery takes roughly 6 hours to fully charge from empty.

If you have the questions which are not listed above, feel free to contact us anytime.