Battery Care Guide

1 - Keep your battery charged 

Apart from a few exceptions, lithium batteries are best kept charged. Our batteries include an onboard Battery Management System (BMS) to prevent them from becoming over-discharged. However, regularly leaving the battery at a low level of charge will shorten its lifespan. The most important thing to remember is don’t leave your battery anywhere near flat for an extended period of time. Get it charged up as soon as practical, otherwise its level of charge may become unrecoverable, otherwise known as ‘bricked’.


2 - Avoid fully discharging

It's understandable that sometimes you'll want to push your bike and its battery capacity to its limits. Seeing how far you can go on a single charge can be fun. But while this might be OK to do occasionally (as long as you recharge it soon after), it's not a good idea to do it regularly. If you regularly fully discharge your battery it will degrade the battery chemistry more rapidly and reduce its useful lifespan.


3 - Keep your battery clean

Our Adventuri e-bike batteries are safely hidden away inside the frame of the bike. This design helps to keep the battery clean and dry, even if riding in the rain. However, if your bike battery does get wet or dirty, it is advised to fully clean and dry the battery before attempting to use it again.


4 - Keep your battery cool

The chemical properties of lithium batteries mean they discharge more quickly the hotter they get (due to decreasing electrical resistance of the cells). For that reason, it’s best to store ebike batteries in cool places where their electrical resistance will be high and they will lose their charge slowly. Yes, we’ve heard of some people even storing lithium batteries in fridges, but that’s both impractical and potentially dangerous if they’re not correctly brought up to temperature first. 


5 - Plan for long-term storage of your battery

It’s best to prepare your battery for long-term storage if you know you won’t be using your battery for an extended period of time – in the order of months. Rather than leaving the battery fully charged, it’s actually best to store your battery around 60% charged, which places less strain on the battery long-term than it trying to maintain 100% charge. The best thing to do, is to fully charge your battery, then go for a ride to bring the charge down to around 60%.


6 - Never open a battery pack

Lithium batteries hold a lot of power and if incorrectly handled can be very dangerous. Opening a battery pack disconnects it from the battery management system (BMS) and exposes the cells to damage. Lithium powder is extremely flammable and will explosively combust on exposure to oxygen. So, if you have any issues with your battery, please just get in touch with us or a battery servicing specialist.