The Adventuri e-bike: a closer look

Our Adventuri E-Bikes are the ideal choice for those wanting to get into electric biking. Our bikes are accessible to riders at all levels of ability and experience. We’re so proud of our Adventuri E-bikes, we’d like to get into some of the finer details of what makes our bikes so special. So, if you’re keen to get to know the Adventuri a little better, read on!

Firstly, the frame. The Adventuri frame is a step-through design which makes it one of the easiest bikes to get on and off and very comfortable to ride in the city, where you’ll need to stop and start more often. The frame is made from an aluminium-steel alloy, making the bike lightweight, but strong and durable. The reinforced rectangular structure of down tube (the thickest part of the bike, connecting the crank, seat post and front tube) is super strong and allows for the battery pack to be efficiently stored in an ideal location. This also makes the battery pack easily-removal. But more importantly, this allows the significant weight of the battery to be kept low to the ground and close to the bike’s centre-of-gravity. It perfectly counter-balances the weight of the rear-hub electric motor. All this adds up to a bike that has a neutral centre of gravity (is well balanced), making it easy to manoeuvre and control. The low cross-bar is the bikes balance point, meaning it can be used to comfortably pick up the bike with one hand.

So, what about the heart of the bike, the motor that drives the rear wheel? It’s a 36V 300W brushless gearless electric motor controlled by an intelligent control unit that provides responsive adjustable power delivery. Firstly, 300W (watts) is the motor’s continuous power output rating, the motor is actually capable of a peak power output of up to around 540W – but I’ll leave that discussion for another day! Let’s talk about brushless gearless electric motors. This type of motor is ideal for hub-mounted e-bikes because they are extremely simple, highly efficient and essentially never wear out. Yep, gearless hub motors have zero moving parts (aside from the bearings) and so there is basically nothing to wear out. As long as the bearing don’t rust or wear out, they can pretty much last forever. As alluded to earlier, having the motor positioned in the rear wheel with the battery more forward also keeps the weight of bike nicely balanced.

These motors are also excellent for other reasons. In addition to being incredibly reliable, robust and are require basically zero maintenance, they also provide redundancy and don’t stress other bike components. Since they are isolated from the pedal system and the rest of the bike, hub motors don’t add any extra stress to your chain or gears, and don’t cause any of those parts to wear out more quickly. If anything, your chain is likely to last much longer than on a regular bike, because the hub motor will be doing more of the work. As an added bonus, hub motors also add redundancy, since the motor and the pedals are two completely independent systems. Essentially, you can lose one and still get home on the other!

If you’ve made it here, well done! I hope you’ve learned something interesting about e-bikes and also what makes our Adventuri model such a good choice for fun and easy, no-worries e-biking. There’s still plenty more to talk about, so stayed tuned for future posts and feel free to get in touch – we love to talk all things biking – and check out whether an Old Blue Adventuri E-Bike is the bike for you.

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