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On your (e)bike!!!

Yes, bike riding is seeing a worldwide resurgence, with the demand for new stylish electric-bikes becoming something of a phenomenon in New Zealand. For many families, the only break from those painful COVID restrictions was to fumble around in the shed, dust off of those old bikes and get out for an urban adventure. What happened? Well, New Zealand is becoming a biking-nation with plenty of beautiful new bike paths just waiting to be ridden. Where do they lead? A nice park, a tasty bite at a local café, or a nice cold drink to quench your thirst?

So, what’s next? We’re so happy to see thousands of new and old riders getting out biking and exploring their neighbourhoods on bikes. But bikes have come along way and the E-Bike revolution is well and truly here to stay. These days, with an E-Bike you can put in just as much effort as you feel comfortable with and go, see and do so much more out and about. E-Bikes have never been more powerful, intelligent, fun and affordable and it just fills us with so much excitement to be part of this silent revolution.

Well, here we are. We’re, Joyce Chen and Dr Simon Opit are we’re founders of Old Blue the perfect one-stop-shop for all your camping, hiking, and outdoor activity needs. Our company's goal is to innovate outdoor lifestyles and make outdoor hobbies more sustainable and accessible to everyone. 

 And now we’re part of the E-Bike revolution.

Since we released our first range of Adventuri E-Bikes we’ve just loved hearing back such wonderful feedback from our valued customers. There’s nothing we’ve loved more than seeing the smiles on our customers faces as we set up their new E-Bikes and get them on their way.

It’s fair to say, Old Blue E-Bikes have gone through the roof and in the past year the demand has been so high we actually ran out of stock. But don’t worry, we’re thrilled to to announce we’ll be back in stock soon, with our next shipment arriving on October 16!

We’re currently working on a partnership with Waka Kotahi (the NZTA) and we aim to start this initiative soon, meaning we’ll be able to spread the fun of E-Biking out to even more people.

Thank you so much to our valued customers for all their support, you have provided us with such fantastic stories and motivation since day one. We want everyone to have the chance to try E-Biking and see where it will take them.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike!!!

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