Old Blue E-Bike Revolution Unchained! 

The E-Bike revolution rolls on! (Old Blue and Beyond)

You may have heard, e-biking is fast becoming the most popular way of getting around. E-bikes have lots to offer everyone, whether it’s for commuting or for pleasure (and why not have a pleasurable commute anyway!). The popularity of e-bikes has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, with sales figures increasing year-on-year by over 50% here in New Zealand and elsewhere too. Market growth looks solid for the coming years as more and more people give e-biking a go. There is also a growing range of e-bikes, with all sorts of different styles and sizes available.

Old Blue is excited to expand its range of great value e-bikes. Our new Adventuri Max is a lightweight, high performance pocket-rocket. It might look like a regular bike, but its performance is anything but regular. With a 500w 48v electric motor, this bike is made for conquering mountains! If you want to experience the fun and excitement of e-biking at full power, the Max is the bike for you. Its impressive power-to-weight ratio means the Max is a thrill when biking on or off road.

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Our Adventuri 350W 36v electric bike is a great option for those looking to get into the world of e-bikes. It offers excellent performance at an unbeatable price. It’s the perfect e-bike for exploring the neighborhood or getting out on New Zealand's fantastic bike trails. It combines the simplicity of a traditional bicycle with the power of an electric motor to provide a smooth, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable ride. Its powerful brushless rear-drive 350W electric motor and 21-speed Shimano gears make it easy to go local or go exploring with little effort. This e-bike comes with LED front lights and Tektro disk brakes. It comes as standard with a removable waterproof battery that can last up to 80 kilometers on a single charge.

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Last but not least, bringing the most comfortable and elegant riding experience yet, the Adventuri Euro 350W, powered by a mid-drive 350w Bafang motor! Withe Euro, Old Blue wanted to capture the style and comfort of biking around Europe’s biking capitals. We designed the Euro 350W. Sleek design meets superior comfort and simplicity. No wonder the Euro was sold out in such a short time! But don't worry, we’ll have more in stock in early August!

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Old Blue is proud to offer its customers some of the best e-bike models available today! We’re designed our e-bikes to be easy to assemble and use. You can get out on the road quickly with no fuss or worry.

The best thing here is Old Blue offers one-on-one assembly services free of charge if you'd like to get everything ready before you pick up your e-bike.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how Simon and Joyce can get you started with your e-bike adventure.

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