Tips for Travelling with your Ebike on RV Road Trip 

One of the best things about riding an ebike is that you can bring it on vacation. If you want to take a trip through some beautiful countryside or explore some new cities, then why not bring your ebike along? There are few things more relaxing and enjoyable than riding your ebike. But, you might feel limited to enjoying your rides only in your local area. 

Well, you don’t need to feel that way anymore! With the growing popularity of ebikes, more and more people are enjoying road trips by taking their ebikes on their RVs. This way, you never need to choose between riding your electric bike and enjoying the open road. 

Summer is the time for hitting the open road! This summer, take your e-bike with you on vacation and hit some of the trails across the country! Are you thinking of taking an e-bike on your next road trip?

Before taking your Ebike on your RV road trip.

1) Make sure that your RV has enough clearance for you to ride a bike without worrying about hitting anything or knocking over stuff on the roof.

2) Make sure that there's enough room underneath. You can store things like bags of groceries or a cooler full of ice cream so that they don't get crushed by other stuff inside your RV while driving down the highway.

3) Plan for charging! We recommend investing in a portable charger instead of just plugging directly into an outlet in an RV park since it will take longer to charge your battery. 

Let’s take your ebike on your Summer Road Trip!

Most of our customers have their RVs and reach out to us and ask how they can safely take their ebikes on the road with them. To help answer that, we've put together a list of tips for travelling by an electric bike on an RV. 

Storage is the key 

With the growing number of people who are opting to use e-bikes as their primary mode of transportation, the need for proper storage has become a necessity.

To ensure that your ebike stays stable and upright while hitting the open road, use bike racks for e-bikes to keep it steady. So that your bike doesn't roll around in your vehicle's trunk or back seat like a pinball machine. Many manufacturers now make bike racks suitable for e-bikes, which are heavier than those used for regular bikes.

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Security is a must! (Lock your Ebike if not in use)

First, make sure that your e-bike is adequately secured. You should also ensure that there is no way for someone to open the lock and steal your bike if they have access to your keys or vehicle. Several locking options are available for this purpose, from bike locks to bungee cords and cable locks. With our stronger Chain Folding Bike Lock, you can rest assured that your precious ebike keeps away from thefts.

Second, make sure that any valuables are kept out of sight when riding in public places like parks or shopping areas where people may be around. Do not leave expensive electronics in plain sight; instead, hide them under a blanket or inside a bag so they cannot be seen quickly by others who may also want them. Lastly, consider using an extra lock on top of the one installed on your e-bike frame to make sure no one can rip open whatever lock system you have installed.

Get to know your Neighbors 

Like most people who travel in their RV, you already know that the RV industry has been growing fast in recent years. That means there are more people out there than ever who want to help keep an eye on their neighbors' assets—including their e-bikes. So what are you waiting for? Check out your local RV community before you go. 

When RVing with an electric bike, you get to know your neighbors quickly. You may want to make friends with the people in your park, or maybe you're just looking to learn more about the people around you and how they travel with their e-bikes.

Don't forget that everyone is travelling on vacation. It can be easy to get caught up in your plans and forget about the needs of others on their trip—which is why being friendly and respectful of your neighbors is so important.

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Final Thoughts 

These days, RVers and e-bikers are taking their bikes with them on vacation to enjoy the great outdoors. There's no better way to enjoy the open-air than on the back of your e-bike, and with the bike rack that is suitable for ebikes weight these days, it's easy to store your ebike in an RV. 

Don't leave your e-bikes at home this summer. Embrace the open air and hit some of the country's best trails with your e-bike in tow!

Whether car-camping or spending a few nights in an RV, it's easy to fit your e-bike in the back of the car and discover the world around you. It's never been easier to take your e-bike with you on vacation.

This summer, take your e-bike with you on your next big adventure!

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